Wish three magical wishes?

Before we start todays walk, let’s divide the people into two categories. People who do not believe in any sort of magic or spirituality or fantasy and the other who believes.

Now the one who does not believes in fantasy cannot rule out one thing, and that is physics. It changes the colors of a liquid substance. It behaves weirdly if played. Once the magicians used high hardcore physics to bring the real magic in existence like the one shown in the feature film The Prestige directed by Christopher Nolan so somewhere a derivative of magic comes from physics. If for a moment we go into the fairy tales, and try to figure out the logics behind, every stroke is just possible nothing is impossible. If Peter Pan shows the neverlands had floating mountains, so does the planet Pluto has. NASA has confirmed about the floating mountains and their existence in Pluto. So you cannot even rule out fantasy(to an extent). Science has never guaranteed 100% of anything ever. Half of the studies are done by keeping hypothetical resultants around the subject. So for those who wants to bring a life like Uncle Scrooge in reality, it is possible. The key is to believe and thus things will happen.

If one says that is it possible for a team to win all the matches in a year, and the answer would be “might be yes”. Let me introduce you the magic trick or the prediction of your life or if you want to see the future, you do not have to gain mortality for it. The only limitation to this trick or the prediction is it would only and only work for you, none the less we must be very careful before looking into the window and smart enough to choose the time period which you want to see. Like you want to have a healthy marriage life but want to see much more than that, you can say if in much more details do not wish to see how the marriage ceremony would be done or you and your spouse are roaming around the world and are extremely happy. Focus on a more specific time period like you want to predict weather your child’s school life would be good or not and thus there you are focusing on your child will surely expose much more than him. Because in our human community it takes a whole village to raise a child, just the parents or a single human cannot raise. He would need a teacher around, then friends, adviser, doctor, caretaker, security, milkman, news vendor, project helper, crafts men and the mother of course. Now the trick starts. Take a white sheet, cut it into a visiting card size and with the favorite color of yours pen down your wish in a pretty clean writing which must look good to you at least. Now follow the three steps of this whitecraft:


Following these three steps will start accelerating the future and thus will get you to your destination. Yes, its magic and yes it does works. For those who do not believe in anything let me give you the science behind it. Our brain cells works like the wires. I transmits the pulses and every pulse strikes out an energy. The energy has a positive charge and a negative charge, now do not confuse yourself with good thoughts as positive and bad thoughts as negative, when it comes to science there is nothing like that is mentioned anywhere. Now when these charges comes out of your brain they affect the surroundings. You might have come accross the word aura which has nothing to do with any sort of fantasy or magic, it is a phenomena which does exist. So now, when we focus on a particular thing all other thoughts tends to apply on a same direction and creates a energy to flow just in one direction. You might have come across a particular situation where you are in the worst condition you might have see when all hope dies, suddenly something miraculous happens and you find yourself in a vast better situation and you realise suddenly all the problems just erased. Things like this happened to all the legends and many many unknow people whom we might not highlight their name in a book but miracles does happens. Now what is this miracle, something I would like to define as a thing which is not possible by humans to practice or perform but in a fraction of second the physics play a coincidence or an accident which causes things to play in our favor. In the law or judicial system of the world there is no word like co-incidence or accident so by taking that in my favor here I ridicule these two words and hence it proofs how our energy when played full heartedly, performs in your favor.

Hope gives birth to your future, and hoping an imagination builds your future. Aladdin had just 3 wishes, you have 9999999999999.


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