What is anger?


21st century, the most absurd century from the all of the past ones, the most devious ever the human kind has ever seen. Well the history says that humans from the imperial age or from the war age were far more self independent than the people of our age. The grandfathers knew how to indulge himself into their world rather being dependent, so the same goes to their sons and daughter and this way the children were also not different. Inhumanity, the term was not known to many and thus the life went on a simple proportion on a stage of a barter system and the loot system. so a simple totem of good and bad were categorised on how the human behaves and on which way he walks on the barter system or on the loot system. Asoka the great wanted to follow a barter system but Alexander the great felt the loot system was much more convenient.

Those days are gone and hence we got liberty from the loot system. the last world war was fought against the loot system which Adolf Hitler wanted to abolish and hence only barter system remained at the end of the road. Who knew the humans will start exploring much more than that. Yes besides from the science and technology one thing which humans explored after the wars, was emotions. To be more precise the pity emotion. We started liking the cutes, we started liking the innocence, we started showing sympathy and here emerged the huge business and fights for it. Once the freedom fighter fought for freedom now we fight for intolerance. Once the wars were fought on who will take whose territory now we fight for human rights. To know anything, or to come to an conclusion of anything one must start its research from the roots and hence there comes our topic for the day which tells you how foolish we humans are.

IMG_2855There is a simple fact that we cannot own another human, that is just not possible. We can pay them for their service and the almighty has given you the brains to make out the ways how we can make one work which usually are count in the management. Out of the many more aspect, today we are discussing on the part of anger and the beginning of the anger starts from the notion in our mind that we can yell on the one whom we own or the one who cannot poke in our life or can create any negative disturbance within the caricature. We give the similar excuses too, when it comes to apology that if I had not shout on you, you might have not gone this far or this is the way to motivate or bring out the inner talent or anything. If you are a teacher and you think that on your part of shouting, you may make the things go right. If you are a lover you might think that shouting was an outburst of you emotions or its an outburst of the loneliness or any non fulfilment of your expectation. Now stubbornness makes the things happen around the world not the yelling part. Anger is a practice which only make things go slow. Anger has caused so many empires to fall, and it has been the only reason why things go drifted apart. Why there is a saying that, “SILENCE SPEAKS THE MOST” because the wise men in the past have tried it and found the results too. Out of all the emotions, anger is the only one which has the limited success rate. You cannot achieve anything while hurting others and that is for sure. Many people always comes to me to ask what is right or what is wrong, weather the decision they are going to take is right or wrong. There is a simple answer to all the difficult situations like this, take that decision which will not cause hurt to the right person. If you want to fight for an innocent then the wisest way would be to do the things which might not hurt the innocent, standing by him and yelling on others will make things go pretty wrong for the innocent only. Yes the parents say that how come we can raise a child without scolding, then try to understand that scolding has nothing to do with yelling or anger. You can scold anyone without being angry. Feeling angry is something very natural and yet you can express it too, but on whom that raises the million dollar question. Lets take an example of a scenario which can explain this in a much better way.

Just suppose that, you are a man who is married to a girl who came out to be just vastly different from you. You loved her once but now you feel irritated about whatever he says or what ever he asks. You don’t like the way he orders or even requests, just her being around makes you feel uneasy, then please hold on for a second, get isolated for a couple of hours and rewind your life in front of your eyes and at the initial stage of your life with her. While sitting in a corner of a country I may not be able to judge the exact situation of yours but there is one thing very common to the human community, and that is EXPECTATIONS. You started expecting, and things got worse or the other one started expecting from you and then the things got worse? Here anger played an immense role, and that is fueling the negative image. Once the girl who seemed so pretty, now looks as a responsibility. May be you can term it as a reality distortion, the energy which has been rewarded to you by the anger. You might have heard about the water in a glass experiment where the water crystals were found in a very different manners when kept in different situations and the worst form of crystals were found when the water was abused. When a water crystals can break when there is no emotions of brain in them so just think the negative energy you just emitted from you in the form of anger, what catastrophe it might can do.

Yes, the definition would right what you are thinking and that is anger is an emotion which just comes after sadness, so its a residue. When in our physical world we do not use residue of anything, then why to use it when it comes to our lives. Yet it has to be mutual which on many events never occur, then please make a good use of your brain and try to calm the things by not shouting but bringing out the possible solutions of the problem. Anger is never meant to express, it’s a byproduct and one must learn to dump it.

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