Blood Relations



Its strange, I don’t know if its with me or with the every human being alive on this planet, that every single day is different. No matter how bore we get on some days, or busy it had been, the very next moment is never the same and that’s give a birth to something which is unknown to us. Experience, that would be an apt word to define that “new” thing. It might goes like, when you are most happy or excited, something falls in your way to ruin it, or when you are about to do the worst thing, something good will happen around, call it an ying yang effect or an approximation of probability rolling in the reverse osmosis. In simple words, its certain that nothing goes proportionate ever for a long time. When it comes to physics, the law of gravity and the act of friction causes the changes and in the human life, the gravity can be denoted as the relations and the friction can be emotions. They does correlate in a very very heavy way.

Have you ever realized that, the blood relation is one thing which acts beyond any other power in the world. No matter what is right or wrong, oh wait may be I am directly coming on the conclusion where as, I must dig it through first.

In our entire life there are thousands of relationship we cave in, and then some of them get decorated by the glitters and jitters whereas few of them goes by in the forgotten forests where we do not wish to go back to have a look even. Some of the relations are offered to us and we might not like it enough to make it a part of our existing monastery but then your monastery is incomplete without the monks in it. There comes your family-the monks who offer you the new relations. Yes I am majorly talking about bringing in a new wife, a daughter in law, your girlfriend in the family and the process does sounds simple with enough of the customs and talking and taking oaths to the god of fire, and the god of water, air or in any form, but at the end of the day nothing comes to rescue when the time starts back firing. It is hard to believe that a perfect marriage does not exist. And if it does, that had to be into a nuclear family because despite of having the ability to speak and share the exact words and emotions we humans always still fail to understand. A wise man one said that we humans have the ability to fulfill one one more human not more than that, that means we are able to understand not only ourself but one other also, now that choise has to be yours because we usually do not live with only one person around, remember its takes a village to raise a human child so definitelyly we cannot piss every one around but the god has given us the ability to fulfill only one human. Now the problem occurs, we fail to understand this notion and thus the fight starts.

Humans or say the homo sapiens in specially are known to be a species who loves to rule. We love to rule anywhere, people does job to become the one who will rule. If a guy starts his career with serving one, rather than improving his skills or learning the job he might concentrate much more on how he can become the one who would be giving orders to others. That’s an in built ego, which comes in human, and we tend to keep our family in no way at the highest strature or use them as a weapon or a threshold everywhere. What I exactly want to say is, respecting parents is one thing and using them, as a defense is just different. One should not judge the protocol by the nature of relation he or she carries but what is right or wrong. Why the mother in law would never like her daughter in law in any way, does not matter how hard she tries to impress or how good she is in every way. No one is perfect for sure but the one who is, why she won’t get accepted in anyway and when the rescue call comes his husband will always go to protect her mother than her own wife? Sometimes it has been seen that a bad wife has taken the in laws for a hard time and being innocent they were pushed out of the house, again why it makes the headlines when on a long journey of lifetime it has been witnessed where their blood relation has denied to follow them, they should have taken steps well before this thing could take place. Why they stuck on the “blood relation stuff” with a expectation in mind that since he is their own blood, he would never throw them out? Humans are weak, and sometimes the situation in front of them makes them even more. We are scared of taking action, and one thing we should understand that it’s never about who has a blood relation and who does not have. You merely carry the genes and the DNA, it may sound harsh but sharing the sperms and a uterus does not makes the two souls one, it is just a metaphor which once poetry used to have. The relation is the one, which loves you not which carries your blood. One should be intelligent enough to make out the differences between bond sharing and womb sharing.

I do not want to take any names of the great personalities who were born to some other parents but were raised by a true guardian, they are not great because they need sympathies, but they are great because they are the one who succeeded in bringing out the difference between the blood relation and bond relation. Of course the parents who would have given birth to a child and decides to push them into the society without any roof over the head, they are to blame not the one who raised that child in his arms, but howdy- we have seen some jerks who forget the gravity of gratitude too.

Stop raising the anger if someone says ill to your blood relation, it will hamper the situation, thats it. People may say you are coward and you can’t even protect your family name. Will kicking his ass will bring back the glory? To me a family gets the glory by unity and love. That is much more harder than kicking ones ass or be throwing them from you life.

Have courage to love, that’s the hardest part.

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