What is life?



Something, which is inevitable and very hard to describe. Trillions of point of views and not  a single unit can claim for a single answer or neither we had ever narrowed down any one by the means of majority. There is a very famous saying that all the fingers of our hands are not same like that only, nothing in the universe is an exact replica. Now basically my main motive behind the saying was, Life is something which could be defined as graph of ups and down with relative fun plus approximate risks and indefinite setbacks raise to the power rise. I believe in this formula.

Side Image 1Why it is said that it’s a short life make it large, the reason behind saying this is a successful man is the one who has the capability of taking everything along, not throwing aside. Well, we are the slaves of our mood, and when it comes to life the world has been designed in keeping your mood in mind, you got meditation halls if you are distracted, ubs if you want to have fun, cinema houses for something new mood, boxing rings if you are angry, brothels for obvious moods. There has been so many social experiment around the world and a single question was asked to everyone, and that is, “WHAT IS LIFE?” People say that life is all about fun, its all about experience, it’s all about knowledge, its all about sex, thug life, cool, hot, life is karma and karma is bitch, life sucks, life is hell and on the other hand people also say that, you make your own life-HELL OR HEAVEN? Can you follow the mood pattern here? Humans are driven by their moods and thus they tend to describe the life through their moods.

I always think that, have you ever thought that no advice is 100% right, though we have an absolute zero for “advice” which falls under the category of a bad advice but no advice is 100% correct but we still follow it and it’s a flux, you never know where the energy would take you. I see it as a particle being accelerated toward the ball of flux and thus it depends on the angle of intersection where the resultant would go. No matter how much calculations you get on to reply still, there is nothing like 100% and still things are happening and we humans have come across a long way on the basis of approximation only. Now my point is how uncertain and ill calculative we are. But it’s been more than 2 million years since the human came on this planet. Again whats life and why we exist? Lets watch it on a larger frame, there is an atom and he has a role to follow, to give a structure and a shape to the object or material where he resides, the plants are there to be the king of the ecosystem, and its cycle and thus the animals felicitate the food chain. Humans actually do not give anything to the nature and sometimes I feel that to make a human life better, so much of pain was taken to build up the world of flora and fauna. Because the day we were born we started taking from the nature, we have the exact mind what to do with the gifts we have got, but never thought of the return gifts. Humanity started from plucking an apple, so one of the bigger secret gets solved here that flora and fauna was created from so many years so that could grow once and then go beneath the land to become coal and fuel and thus grow again to give us shelter and everything which we humans need.

Now the big next question rises, what is the purpose of humans and that is something I might not be able to answer but if we go more micro on the same subject, the life is all about a perfect combination of all the emotions and the human mind is capable enough to handle each and every emotion to its core, the strength which only humans have and thus bring out a survival over a span of years. Your emotions define your character and thus affects your future too, now it’s on us what we must carry and what me most, it’s like making a road on the hill slopes, handle the ups and downs, collect the falling landslides, handle the depression and make a tranquil road to travel. AS I said earlier that life has numerous definitions depending on who is saying what and who has what sort of mood, how to lead and while leading what becomes the reason of what you are is LIFE. Mother Teresa defined the life by helping, the soldiers define the life by sacrificing their comforts, family or even life to protect their country. A businessman sacrifices security so the government employee sacrifices luxury and they define life in their own way. Every seat cannot have two right corners, and thus life cannot have one name. It’s a big chain, and one must not fall for the wrong emotion to be its headlights on the path.


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