The Identity of a Human


 A lot of times I go through my horoscope, and the boxes which contains more than 500 words of prediction usually starts with the basic characteristics of the sun sign. One of the most common things all the 12 boxes suggests, are traits of the bearer of his zodiac towards the world. How we look up the world and how we receive it back. Basically it’s a huge mystery how the world works but lately I was travelling to Mumbai a suburb metro city of India and I had an ample of time and subjects around me. Basically Mumbai is also called the city of dreams where thousands of aspiring people come to make things bigger in their life. This gave me an access to almost the whole of India on its roads and beaches. I don’t know weather I would categories this under unity but in India we do have UNION PARTIES which works like a representator of a community. It can be the group of workers working in a factory, or a minor community or any damn thing. Even once I heard about a Barber’s Association of India, which is definitely not a ridicule thing but still something unbelievable. Now you can well imagine how many unions might be working at the present time in Mumbai thus a city of unions raises only one question, what are we?

In schools and in a good company of people ,specially from our parents and elders we always get to hear that one should carry his or her own opinion and thus must stand by to it. Every opinion marks a benchmark criticism because I have never heard of a declaration with 100 percent agreement. Even when the US government in the special covert mission killed Osama Bin Laden, some speculations were heard about the families in Pakistan crying for the loss. The man who killed millions of people was a messiah for another part of the world.

Many a times we come to a conclusion by keeping the totem of “LOGIC” upfront. If killing is bad then why we hang criminals? If caging someone is bad then why we have zoos? If lying is bad then why we still practice it? People say to have a healthy relationship one must keep few things to himself or else things go beyond control and etc. Don’t you think, logic is something which can also be termed as a deed of satisfaction to a certain group? Go to a village which has not grown with the time, child marriage is the common logical thing they can think of, where as the most illogical stuff for them is the marriage at the age of 30 for a girl. I ruled out the term LOGIC when I came in the corporate world and encountered several-failed meeting. The failure of the meetings were not an unsuccessful check list or wrong negotiation but something which we call in casual talks, i.e. Bros and Nephew’s Pvt. Ltd company. Which means, humans tend to bring their cubs in front without prior achievement to the position, which he or she is not worth of. Now care to scale the logics in it? I wont say this makes the reason in every category but as the universe says every principle matter repeats itself. Or as we say the history repeats, like the same way every situation has a similarity or a same thread at least.

All in all, after ruling out the LOGIC from our life now how and what we believe? Gravity needs the ground to act; we need a way to walk. The herd of sheep is lead by a man, the lagoons have a head of their group, the bees follow their queen and the man follows principles. On what ground these principles can be judged is something, which I tend to ask every now and then. There is a experiment you can perform with your kids or nephews. Visit to a zoo and stand in front of a Lion and ask the youngest one about guessing what the Lion is thinking and be very sure about it, ask him to try to read his mind and repeat the same exercise on yourself. Now ask the kid about his answer and compare it with yours, the answers would determine what you think of others or what you want him to think. So the same thing we do with the world. The problems in the world are seen from your head and you judge it as per your own consciousness or your character would define the statement you give. But if you are leader, giving an unbiased statement is most important as most probably your every statement is staged as your flag, which would be followed by millions. Hence come on the judgment seat and then try to think over the matter, how come you can take one side and both of the parties always try to support the side which benefits them either in the physical or financial or in a psychological way.


The last but not the least, is the deeds what our ancestors do is been followed. They said there was a demon in Sri Lanka so there is one and has to be one or in easy words you can say Dharama or religion parties. There was a time when churches ruled a country; there were no governance or democracy. It was stupid as it sounds, may be we are in an era where we find it idiotic, we never know what time there was but this is one more possibility of leading a life where religion shows us the path. I am not against it but again religions are also opposed by many or in some way it has to be also as thankfully we have done one of the most important inventions since centuries and that is RIGHTS. Now in the 21st Century we have all sort of rights from humans to animals. As many religions ask you to kill or shed blood or do something which visually graphic or painful. So now after ruling out principle, logics, ancestral activities and religious way outs there is only one thing, which has made human race to come this far and that is MAJORITY WINS.


We humans have a tremendous adaptability talent in us and thus we lead life with majority. If I write “|” on a black board and ask people what it is written? Few will say it’s a alphabet “I” or some will go for the numeric “1” or for few it would be a line that’s it. We are the species of intellectual dynasty, which brings out a way of his or her own will through the roads of majority. In short the most undisciplined creature on earth. God gave half of his power to humans and thought they may save the planet in much more beautiful way and he failed and kept failing. We humans are so self-centered that knows how to support and label our comfort with a name, which will make people follow you the exact way. Claiming about very one is same can be a sheer injustice, planet where Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ was born exceptions have been seen on the soils but yet again we are talking about the Majority.


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