What is GOD?

One of the few things the science still could not answer. The contradiction starts from the famous saying, “Smoke exists only with fire” and how come it came into existence since the very beginning of life.

The history has claimed that the people of the Harrapan culture were afraid of the nature’s act, hence they named every calamity or the form of nature as a god. Like there are slates of wind god, then the sun god and the list goes on. The intellectuals said that the God is one, and then we also have a community full of atheists.

We humans have one thing which none of the other creatures have ever got and that is curiosity. The curiosity has given birth to extend the present into a better future and thus we have the thick chapters of Gold rush, Industrial age and Science. In every one of them the God plays a very important role and I believe that GOD is nothing but an image of a BEAUTIFUL HOPE. We all came alone and shall die alone and does not have any capacity to decide these two acts. To maintain a stability and harmony among ourself few rules was penned and an image of the most beautiful man and women with exceptional features were given to that hope. Let’s take an example of human psychology and then we will come to a conclusion. Humans can never talk to a wall or a tree or a plant for longer than a few minutes and the reasons are they do not have any sort of receptors or even the image of receptors. We need to have two circles of small sizes so that we can consider them as eyes and a nose to breath with a stroke of line as lips. A dog is man’s best friend and so as horse and few people can spend their life along them without even complaining about anything and that is because those receptors are there and we simply take the matter of fact as granted that they are understanding from word to word and hence they love us. Anyhow, only scientists and god knows what the other animal understands and what it does not, but we can speak our heart to them because they have eyes and mouth. That’s because they let you hope and hope is the only thing the world has reached here where we are today. That hope of calculation and luck is known as GOD because every time we pray some how things go in our favor because that hope of getting things easy and your way may be the resultant of the confidence you got from the handsome man you just prayed to.

We can never compare logic and myths altogether on a same pan and thus every conclusion comes to an end with “may be”. It’s true some of the religious practices does cause changes like burning red chillies practiced in India and I personally have seen the positive effects and my friend dying of tuberculosis, which was pronounced by the doctors but the symptoms were more of a black magic. Here the contradiction stands between the practice of black magic and white magic and we do not know anything about it clearly but we know both of them do exist. I follow the rule of energy here like the water crystal experiment where the crystal breaks if we keep it in an environment of darkness and filth where as the crystals get together in a symmetry to form when kept in a positive environment. The present does have many secrets and unexplored things which affects our life and thus making us believe in luck, but the future is much more complex and may be time travel can be possible or may be not, but consulting someone for a miracle or a change is just like talking to your subconscious for a better tomorrow and the set of eyes and nose we create out of that subconscious mind is GOD.

We always see every human has a god within, you have to keep it alive and that’s the portion of your brain which says what is wrong and what is right? People are fighting for their gods, but lets see it radically and what people are actually fighting for is their rules and regulation implied by their religions. Who asked to wear a set of clothes, don’t you think every religion’s custom clothes serves a purpose and that purpose can never be connceted to logic. On one hand the god says lead the path of peace and on the other does it also says kill who does not follow the path which are told. Conquest was the reason of wars from many-many centuries and when the rules were laid where conquest is no more possible and acceptable by the people of earth and the new topic of violence were rose and that is religion. Now the world wants their set of rules are better than the others.

-Upamanyu Sushma Naskar


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