The dream I had

  I saw a dream, and it was long Peculiar it was, like a film which even had songs. I never had a makeup neither a surgery, But in the dream, I looked as hot as mercury. Rising the temperature of my surroundings, But the best of all was my belongings. I carried a suitcase, made of cardboard, Trust me it was way more than a bag or any load! Was walking through a road, A thin one but no end it had. Peculiar it was, not even a turn the architect ever add, The sun was on a holiday, … Continue reading The dream I had

Things went wrong

I was doing nothing then, was just spending time from nine to ten. I remember the time when everyone would ask me about what is happening, trust me if I would have known, I would have done something to it. Things were not good neither bad, stayed as hopeless as a mouse to a cat. Kept on trying little things, as I was chasing a career made up of dreams. Since a very small, I loved to dream and I thought would make a career out of it. Once upon a time, there was a MASTER, who would train the … Continue reading Things went wrong

The Days of Bads

  Inability, unavailability, uncertainty and proximity, Even the logical mathematics and its Negatives all together could not bring the positive. You know, that point in your life, When suddenly the world looked strange to you. Every one kept on walking at their pace and Refused to look at you. The phone calls turned so cold that, The handset which was worth twenty thousand once, Seemed like a display for an active bomb stack. You know, that point in your life, when you were tired of not getting sleeps. Suddenly started chanting the mantras we chanted in prayers, For the first … Continue reading The Days of Bads