The Days of Bads



Inability, unavailability, uncertainty and proximity,

Even the logical mathematics and its

Negatives all together could not bring the positive.

You know, that point in your life,

When suddenly the world looked strange to you.

Every one kept on walking at their pace and

Refused to look at you.

The phone calls turned so cold that,

The handset which was worth twenty thousand once,

Seemed like a display for an active bomb stack.
You know, that point in your life,

when you were tired of not getting sleeps.

Suddenly started chanting the mantras we chanted in prayers,

For the first time in last few decades,

Start execting an answer from the one,

who never said anything new from the past few centuries.

And the one day came when Instagram got replaced by Astrosage

I dont know how to read Kundli, but everything seemed so wrong.

How come my whole life has sadey sati and worst time is yet to come.

The hope for a better tomorrow dies the moment,

I opened the tabs of Varshaphal.
You know, that point in your life.

When standing with a cup of coffee in front of a window

Makes you ask yourself weather you are upset or

trying to prove you are upset by merging into the

50 shades of SADDAYS.

I was curious to know about my brain,

Bloody the world was getting away from me,

And it made me write shayaris on social network.

Even the Permutation and Combinations could not bring this possibility of our era.

If crying in public is embarrising,

then how come crying and reciting a poem in public becomes exciting?
We all know that point in our life,

When the first breakup gave you an idea of suicide.

We all thought, that was the end of life,

thankgodness most of us are so impractical

and hence we are alive.

Once I heard my brain whispering the thoughts of death

when dad caught my marksheets of the exam which never happened.

I never listened to my brain, and thus reciting poems.
You know that point in your life,

when everything is confusing, because its a bad day.

That one friend whose advice has helped u mostly

but today even that failed.

You dont know whom to listen and whom to blame,

trust me, the days of bad always has an end.

Or else,the Mahabharat and Hiroshima would had been the


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