The perfect Fe


I was called the weak link when I failed to fight with a girl

I was just 11 and was taught never to hurl

Listen to Maa who shared the horrors of boys in her school

Or the friends, who think the potential of a man

must counter-attack whenever he can

Must not stop at any argument

Stay illogical but never get confined

Be the one who ends up a fight,

either with an ending slap or his last linguistic line
I respect my mum’s freedom

Thus never order for my wills

She manages to pierce through my heart

Still, I stay numb for my needs

Doing so, I got her smile

Because she can spend that little time

with her hobbies and her diaries of the time

She loves to write when no one is around

Dad says she looks beautiful

she speaks to her soul

by just moving on the songs of 1954
Thanks to dad who taught me the meaning of a girl

and how we tend to treat them like the servant in the cell

I might lose some weight if I get a glass of my own

This is what I learned, contradict to the classmates and neighbouring dogs

I wish I had a sister with whom I would not have to fight alone

I can proudly say, I am better than brother who poses DONS

They think they are protecting their family name by suffocating the girl

Why can’t a girl can take responsibility for the mistakes of her own

All you need to say is, it’s okay come along

Rather you decide to throw her out and call urself a MAN which you are not.

Balls alone does not justify to be a man

A protector like a father,

a shield of a brother or a support of Mirzya would rather one

But the day had come when she does not need them anymore

We have taken her silence granted like some prisoner

And we call it the PERFECT WIFE OR MOTHER.
-Upamanyu Sushma Naskar


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