Things went wrong


I was doing nothing then, was just spending time from nine to ten.

I remember the time when everyone would ask me about what is happening,

trust me if I would have known, I would have done something to it.

Things were not good neither bad, stayed as hopeless as a mouse to a cat.

Kept on trying little things, as I was chasing a career made up of dreams.

Since a very small, I loved to dream and I thought would make a career out of it.

Once upon a time, there was a MASTER, who would train the students to dance and act.

He was pretty generous to invite everyone to his home, not for dinner but for learning the steps of songs.

Though the home belonged to the Master’s father

They were not that much dear to each other.

Difference of choices lead to the difference in them,

But the master knew the day world will cheer for him,

the difference would not stay for long.

The master once played with his father

the epic games wrestling on the bed where they slept.

Now the father hardly looks at the master.

Regular complaints and silent treatments were practised among the two

but the master knew one-day thing will come through.
One Fine morning, when the master came out of bath,

the machine which talks started singing the tunes of alarm.

Master was quick enough to pick the other end of the conversation,

it was none other than the KING of dreams who would join hands

to build one along the master.

The master could not believe, his eyes his ears or the luck he carries.

The time suddenly gave him the best gift a life can give.

In a very moment, the master got wings and started flying the thick layers of sky.

Oh lord, this can’t be true but yet the construction starts.
The master was 16 when he dreams of this dream.

and after ten years, the world came together to build his dreams.

The master did not waste time, in the beginning of construction.

As he was scared what if the king steps back.

There was the first mistake master did,

Came for a war without preparations.

The war went for thirty-five days,

it was not lost but heavy casualties were faced.

The construction of the dream was not less than a war.

Oh god, they fought well but could have done more.
The King could not see the men Master lost,

or the pains the workers endured,

still, he was not happy for some reasons,

may be the cash flow was heavy and was not according to his will.

The construction was done now the decorations were left.

Like the paint jobs, carving and the structures to erect.

The first platoon of the army was well paid but

now the second platoon gonna wait for the wages and food.

The decoration started after a gap of a month.

So the King can think about the decisions he made.

As the decoration started the master worked.

The job was done on night and days,

Everyone would work more than a hay.

All of them wanted to make the dream beautiful,

a group of terror with termites approached.

Attacking the beautiful construction without anyone’s known.

As the dream was ready to live in for real,

the King’s men came and destroyed it and sealed.

Before anyone could understand what just happened,

The king asked sorry because it was by accident.

The troops were asked to attack the other dreams been constructed,

but the fools destroyed the one we were working.

The master was shocked and could not believe how easy it was,

there he was shown the power of gold coins

and the energy means nothing which was lost.

Again the third platoon comes into an action

and started to construct the dreams of the master.

Again the dream was constructed,

and the king wanted a buyer for the palace.

Since the dream lacked the supreme architect,

who would be known by the world for his designs?

No one knew the master in the world,

Everyone refused to even come and look the work.

The King was advised to send some invitations,

Bring the kings from neighbouring cities.

Arrange a dinner or a supper with them,

if called thirty at least one will come.

One of them will come and buy

that’s the only hope one can have.

The king lost patience after the tenth invitation.

And stopped calling for dinner and went for intervention.

The master was left with nothing in his hand.

A huge dream to carry, but no one would look at.

The master was happy when nothing was there,

but a palace of dreams and no one around there

made him go mad, more fierce.

Now he stayed in the dream

which he made it for people.

Few of them when passes, come inside to look at.

And everyone love the construction and the paint,

but something went wrong which no one could see.

The master blames the king and vice versa.

The master lost an army and the fleet of men,

the power to endure one more dream,

the confidence of energy once he had,

and his father who would now hardly look at.

One loss is not that simple as it seems,

It took the power to even stand a still.

Now if the village gets robbed by some mob,

the blame arises to the man at the boat,

he might have practised the stealing of bread,

because he is the only one who would stay awake

at night at the dawn or in the gloomy afternoons.

People would come and blame him for all wrongs,

from the master of dreams, he became the wounded mountain.


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