The dream I had



I saw a dream, and it was long

Peculiar it was, like a film which even had songs.

I never had a makeup neither a surgery,

But in the dream, I looked as hot as mercury.

Rising the temperature of my surroundings,

But the best of all was my belongings.

I carried a suitcase, made of cardboard,

Trust me it was way more than a bag or any load!

Was walking through a road,

A thin one but no end it had.

Peculiar it was, not even a turn the architect ever add,

The sun was on a holiday,

So the clouds came on his behalf.

The winds were playing like a classroom without a miss.

And breeze kept coming to me and it was like a kiss.

Remeber the suitcase I carried along,

It sang like a fairy,

and motivated me in my lows.

My energy from food got replaced by her tunes,

Trust me I walked for miles and crossed the sand dunes.

The suitcase I had, was packed by my love.

She was singing a song and her voice also got locked.

The song she was singing had two equal parts,

The one where she bid bye and prayed for well being,

In the other part, she wished for my wellness and the safe return thing.

She sang like a bird like I was a tree

It also had a kiss, which can break a curse and set anyone free.

The song also said, how close we got.

And now when I am gone, she will miss that warmth.

And then the Danton’s dream was broke

Found myself

On the bed of thorns.

I was carrying an iron pistol

My belongings were lost back in my dreams,

Or when an activist murdered my wife saying she was a thief.

She theft the culture of sanity by not wearing a burqa

Her attire decided the fate of her karma.

For a moment I thought, I was a banker again.

Who travels around with a cardboard suitcase.

So that at night can wrap her in arms

Now I realised that it was a dream,

Like a prayer to God, and the flowing river stream.

Which may not get answered by the almighty himself.

Or the river might go back from where it came.


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