Sweetener, Salt, Pickle or Jam.

Yummy delicious like a pizza on the pan.

Holds together the emotions within,

Feels complete with Friends and Kin.

Every dull day can’t have Santas to reform,

Neither a money can change the course of a storm.

A pinch of these four always add the missing stroke,

Makes a day or the party great if it’s in the perfect course.

An evening I remember when got dumped by a true love,

Indeed it’s true because it was my first trough.

The world seems doomed to me and selfish all together,

Suddenly there was no one who would take the fallen pieces and gather.

6 month, 17 days and few hours of the morning was the period of my love.

Suddenly I got to understand all the meanings of heart break songs.

The very next day when I woke up with swollen eyes.

Within a span of 5 minutes, I literally felt the downloading in process.

As the waking up was not having any pain in the chest.

The mind was never this quick to open the crest.

Oh yes, it was love because it was painful,

Just a few weeks back when we would hold hands and walk on the road

Was that a sweetener, which stays not for long.

Like a truffle in we eat and tastes delicious,

Except for the taste, everything else is malicious.

That sweetener is like the opening ceremony,

Blasting and Dancing with celebrities and the decorative Mohogamy.

Say whatever, or complain if it’s short.

I fell in for an attachment, with a perception of love I thought.

Some say that they love the opening ceremony of Olympics

So some love the Bollywood style opening credits.

The gift wraps which are meant to tear and destine for garbage

Always hold the most glittery part of the package.

My first kiss was on my single bed,

With no space for my love to fall over so she was on top of me with the most beautiful pair of eyes

Which was trying to hide with every inch of approach and then I had the memory of floating in space for 20 seconds of my life.

A memory capsule was made that day, which lasts till date,

but why it was so short and I can’t have it every day?

It has been 7 years and I still remember the memory we built together.

This attachment is based on many few seconds which we knitted in the winters.

That’s why it is like Salt and Pepper.



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