Living a life full of worries is as difficult as pulling a cart weighing tons.

How beautiful can be the morning if sunrise is shared with the loved one?

Life is not constant and neither the roles we play.

Finding happiness in little things can churn the world into a big happy tree.

No one is satisfied and no one is content, but relishing small beautiful things may make a day of someone.

I relish the time we cuddle each other in the lazy afternoons where the world sleeps and we shrug into each other.

Painful are the days where I am at work and you waiting for my footsteps.

But I have got the painkillers which call memories.

Yes, they too fade but before it happens I have got a sweetheart at home who heals the pain.

A little today, a little tomorrow fills the bucket slowly.

Trust me I have got a tank full of memories.


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