The Story-Savitri-Chapter 1, That evening under the sky

A kid was standing on the sidewalk waiting for the green human to glow so that he can cross the road to his home. His mother was busy talking to her phone and so as the other pedestrians. Some of them had their smartphones so the other had headphones. The countdown seemed broken and the empire state building was just across the road. So much was happening and the street had the same elements as it was supposed to have but still, the weather was showing its presence today. Something was different, either the breeze or the temperature. After looking around the people and the sky, the kid started playing with his sight. While trying to bring the eyeballs at the center, he was trying to image two empire states in front of him and it was extremely fun for him. He kept on doing until a small snowflake lands on the tip of his nose. The two big eyes grew larger in excitement to see the snow, and he pulled his hand from his mother’s hand to get the snow on his fingers and soon there were more flakes all around. The City of New York was getting its first snow of the year. Suddenly the road filled with men and women were filled with the flash of smiles. With so many smiles on the crossway, the little boy did not feel alone anymore. Suddenly he felt so many people like him, looking at the sky waiting for more snowflakes to fall on their cheeks.

Gretchen used to work as a part-time waitress near times square, where the restaurant had a history of 25 years and was the only USP. It survived 25 years just by serving the best coffee around the corner and being at such location, it never needed any kind of marketing or strategy. Once Gretchen ties up her apron in the morning at 7, the next time she raises her eyebrows towards the clock kept on the opposite wall of the entrance is at around 2 during the staff’s lunchtime. With the snow in the sky, the entire cafe’s warmth was tipped by a few centigrades. The snow has some charm in it, maybe its limitation in availability makes it the most loved season in the world. People do not know this, but you can feel how romantic winters get. It’s like the preliminary times of Valentines.

Soon the roads were getting clear. The cars would be staying mostly in the parking as no owner wants to stuck like the last year’s snowy December. The little kid kept on walking across the road holding her mother’s hand tightly. With the tiny legs trying to cope with the long-legged Mrs. Stephenie but managed to walk along but suddenly bumped into his mom and his cap slipped on his eyes. With his cold hands, he dragged the cap over his eyes and got dumb stuck to look a girl walking out of the subway at 5th Avenue street and wore a sleeveless blouse tore from sides and shoulders. A big red dot that’s too spread on her forehead and big eyes with black eye lines that too blotted with red eyes and the tears made their way very prominently. She left the entire Maddison Square dumbstruck with her appearance and she kept on walking like a soul wrapped in loose clothes, like the snow fell to keep her isolated, like she was the only luck in a giant lake in the eve of a celebrated day where everyone kept looking at the lone bird but no one knew the reason of her loneliness.

Where Gretchen worked, it was a glass restaurant which gave the crystal clear view of who is walking and whats happening on the street. While Gretchen poured the coffee in the couples’ cup, the lady in the saree crossed Gretchen like a ghost walking without legs. Such subtle steps and a constant look at the front made her the epicenter of attention. Gretchen could not stop herself from looking the lady in the saree, where the entire street kept looking and few of them even clicked snaps but no one tried to ask or stop her. Gretchen quickly leaves the table, place the coffee jar on the counter and take a bottle along and leave the restaurant and goes to the lady. The lady in the saree kept walking in front of her and Gretchen took some time to notice that she was barefooted. Gretchen speeds up a bit and tries to get her attention by calling her. She seemed deaf of Gretchen’s reactions. Gretchen runs towards her and tries to block her way on which the lady stops. On looking closely at the lady, Gretchen finally got to see the torn clothes and lots of whip marks on her neck and face. Gretchen holds her breath and introduces herself. Before the lady could reply, she falls on Gretchen’s arms.


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